Where do we go when we sleep?  Where do animals go when they hibernate?  Where do plants go when they die back to the earth?  Where do the bees go when they cluster in the cold months?

It is easy to say that all of these forms just stay where they are when they are in the quiet times.  That is what our eyes see.  Our eyes do not lie to us.  We often hear, “Believe only what you can see with your eyes.”  But what of my beautiful sister, Tinah, who is blind?  Does she not believe anything then?  What about those that are colorblind?  Is their truth different than mine?  What about atoms and quarks and dark matter?  I cannot see those? Are they not there?

melissa and clymmieClytemnestra, my ball python, and I sit in the garden together to contemplate these questions and the goings on in the world. We look around and literally see things differently. Where I see colors, Clymmie sees infrared. So, between us, she sees the heat, while I see what is not being accepted and bouncing off. Both of us can only see the world with the one lens that our eyes see. Together, we have a clearer picture of what the plants and bees actually look like, but it is still not complete. The bees weigh in at this point with their compound eyes that not only sees movement faster, but also sees some color and ultraviolet light. Together, we three beings have an even clearer picture, but still not complete. Perhaps there is a better sense to get a clearer picture? Eyes seem to give such a limited view of what is around us. Closing my eyes, I listen. Ahhh, a much clearer view. I sit, with snake, bees, flowers, birds, chipmunks, trees and hear a much clearer picture of what is around me.

If there is MORE to the world than what our eyes see, what do we believe?  We see form, the visble shape of something and we know that there is more that we can’t see.  In the winter, I can see the bees form as a cluster in the hive and there is more.  They are transforming.  Trans, from the latin transcend, plus form, meaning visible shape, put together to mean transcending their visible shape.  They have contracted in their physical from and expanded their spiritual form.  They are beyond the visible.  We cannot use our eyes to understand.  Our hearts can speak the same language though, if we strengthen our skills.  First, we have to transform our hearts.  Our five senses have served us fairly well in the paradigm we have lived in thus far; however, a new paradigm is emerging as the old one changes form.  It is already emerged, if you shift your focus slightly.

We are being asked to do nothing short of a full transformation, to come out from our

globe mallow
Photo: Jennifer Poore

dormancy.  It is possible if we transform the tools we have to help us.  For a smooth transformation, fire is necessary.  Much like the globe mallow flower, that needs fire to germinate, even remaining dormant for hundreds of years before receiving the fire that it needs to transform and live its life in fullness.

What fires your heart?  What do you need to burn away the seed coat that surrounds the seed within your heart? Lean into that question and feel what truth is there for you.





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