Ritual Offerings for Your Animal Family

If you are interested in learning more about a heartfelt and unique way to honor your loved ones, check out my offerings at AylaTree.

Sacred Bee Teachings

I offer individual or group teachings around listening to the whispers of the bee.  They are amazing teachers and have much to offer as to how to center oneself in a world of distractions, how to move forward to create a world more full of love and balance, and how to tap into the divine feminine and many more teachings.  Contact me to find out more.







Sacred Isle of Bees – Journey to your Inner Language

The bees have a lot to teach.  This is a year-long journey where you work with the teachings of the bees in an intuitive way, using the language of your heart because it is the language that connects all beings.  In fact, the language connects everything, as the living beings are a part of the entire landscape in which they live.

Have you ever wanted to communicate with a river or find out what a tree has to share with you?  It is possible if you find your inner HeartH or language of the Earth.  It is more like the language of a song or a poem, where it is more than the words, but rather the spacing that cradles the words, the cadence of the words, the history of the words, the essence of the words, along with the words themselves.  It is the words AND the environment in which they are found, just as it is the living beings AND the environment in which they are found which creates the language of connection.

Join my Sister Tinah Bee and I on a year-long journey at the Sacred Isle of Bees to reconnect with your inner HeartH language, so you too can remember what it feels like to be another expression of nature in this amazing universe! Enter into the Sacred Isle…

Welcome to this Sacred Isle of Bees where Whispers from the Melissae still are heard and the touches of an ancient time are still felt. Words are metamorphosed into the sounds, shapes and feelings that they are and all things reverberate with their sacred name.

The name Melissa, comes from the Greek word μέλισσα, “honey bee,” which in turn comes from μέλι, “honey.” Melissa officinalis, a plant commonly called lemon balm, which Pliny the Elder wrote that bees were “delighted with this herb above others,” is named for Melissa as well. As in this connection, we hope this Sacred Isle of Bees provides a sweetness, a sense of delightment and excitement to heal, inspire and metamorphose each beeing who visits.

This beautiful island, is a place for all of us to journey together using all of our senses, to tap into the Sacred all around and within ourselves. The whispers are everywhere, of a time long since lived and still a time yet to come; where light and love are the answers and our hearts ask the questions. The future is created by us, so let us create joy and love, much like the tiny alchemists, the honey bees, who turn light into food for our spirits and hope into love.

Join us on this journey of love and joy as we create a beautiful tomorrow. We hope you stay for time on this Sacred Isle of Bees and let the hum of the isle wash over you, until all you can remember is your sacred self…

If so, we invite you to click on the bee…




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