Melissa Bee

I believe in natural magic and I believe it is in all of us!  I’ve kept my magic very private, but recently have been inspired by the bees and land to share.  My magic evolves and meanders and never goes in a straight line, so I hope you are able to read spirals and enjoy!  I would love to hear about your magic and what connects you to your magic.

I love nature and natural beings, such as bees, tree spirits and fairies.  I find inspiration when I am quiet and outdoors.  I never know if it is my own voice or the voice of the fairies I hear, but it doesn’t matter too much as there is magic both within and without!

Honey bees are not only my inspiration, but also my teachers of the sacred.  They teach me how to be in this amazing world and how to interact with the sacredness all around me, including within.

Enjoy the world and the magic it holds and hold the honey bee within your heart and you cannot help but leave footprints of love upon the earth.



5 replies to “Melissa Bee

  1. Hi Melissa.

    Only a brave or foolhardy bee would bee out in winter, let’s go with beerave … 🙂

    I like your site and you sound like a practical magical poet, if there’s such a thing, who can dip her toe in fairyland and not lose her head, when so many do.

    Sprightly thing …

    1. Hi Mark,
      I am no stranger to beerave or foolhardy! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words. I grew up with one parent from each extreme, so I guess I can “keep my head” while simultaneously “seeing” the world. Plus, I make sure NOT to eat the food! 🙂 Besides, the more science we learn, the more magical it beecomes!
      Bee well…

  2. Hi Melissa
    thankyou for all your words

    I recently had a honeybee land on my shoulder and perform the waggle dance

    it was one of the most profound experiences of my life and I now know that they are in fact as you say mini shamans

    I hope that they will continue to show us the way and light up our lives

    love and peace


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