Unseen Shifts

What is moving under the surface of your life?  This is the time of the year, at least in the Northern hemisphere, that there is some fluctuations in temperature, causing some minor and major shifts to occur under the surface as ice melts and refreezes and expands and so on.  Sometimes, the land opens up with cracks from this cycle and other times, it creates amazing, hypnotic patterns under the ice.   Sometimes, we can’t see these shifts at all.

Regardless what it looks like in the visual world, it is a reminder that a lot is happening in the unseen world at this time as well. There is still a lot of quiet time left before spring comes and our seeds begin to reach upwards towards the light.  What are you doing in your quiet time?  As some shifts are occurring within you and you find yourself breaking open some cracks within, what are you finding?

I find myself using my senses to sense unseen things.  I cannot touch the shifts inside.  I cannot feel with my hands what is occurring within.  I cannot smell or taste or even see the new cracks.  AND I know they are there.  This new shift can only be sensed by a new sense or perhaps a very ancient sense that is returning.  I welcome the unseen shifts and new patterns that are forming.

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