Look for the Unicorn

Once again challenged by BeeLoved Debra Roberts in her Sacred Path of the Bee series I find myself here writing.

What does it mean to “show your soul?”  Words seem so small to answer that question.  I think to put it simply, it means to be the REAL you.  We all wear masks to different people, in different places and at different times.  Sometimes, those masks are necessary.   Sometimes, those masks stay on our faces so long, that we’ve forgotten it is not our true face.  When we take off all of the masks and show our true selves, we can’t help but show our soul!  We all are beautiful and made of light.

I think for my own personal life, the way I think about it, is finding the unicorn.  I can remember the exact moment that I let the external world dictate what was right for me.  I wrote a poem about a unicorn being shot by a hunter in middle school.  “This beautiful creature, even as She dies, has more beauty than the skies.”

It took me all of high school to remember that I wanted the unicorn back in my life.  It was my decision to allow the world to take her away and it was my decision to get her back.  And so, to this day, I always look for the Unicorn.  In my dreams.  On my land.  She is always with me now, if I choose to let down my guard.


I find a good way to tell if I am showing my soul, is to measure if I feel I am taking a risk.  Am I singing TOO loud or dancing TOO wildly?  Take the risk!  Am I wearing bee stockings that clash TOO much with the color of my skirt (I have the same socks Debra!)?  Take the risk!  Am I teaching about honey bees during the summer to 6th grade students at a federal STEM program funded by the DoD and it seems TOO weird for the curriculum?  Take the risk!  Am I being TOO silly by singing to my bees in front of people?  Take the risk!  Is it TOO strange to have bees on my front porch?  Take the risk!   Is it TOO weird to have a chicken on your fireplace warming up after a bath because she wasn’t feeling well?  Take the risk!  Is it TOO silly to build a faery home in your garden?  Take the risk!


IMAG3494[1]girls with bee from camp













It is during the time that I take risks, that my heart is much open and my soul light shines out.  And just like riding a bike for the first time, I think it is easy to do it WITH HELP!  Others are just behind you, whispering in your ear, take the risk!  Others who have passed over already remind you; when you giggle to think about them because they were taking the risk during their life time and that is why you realize your heart felt full around them.  Pretty soon, you turn around and you are the one holding the bike steady for others as they learn to take the risk.

It is the time to push through those little butterflies in your stomach and take the risk.  Without the risk, the caterpillar would never become the butterfly.  It is the time that risk taking can become the norm.  Right now, I believe for where I am on my Path, the feeling of taking risks is my guide to helping me show my soul.  It is the bees themselves who are helping me to shine my light ever brighter.  Every flower is different and beautiful.  If the peony tried to be the sunflower, it would never feel good enough and vice versa. Shine your own beautiful soul light!
















When I am fully comfortable in the place of showing my soul, my home on DragonFly Hill, I am also most open to hearing the bees.  My soul lightens to the point where our souls can understand each other.  At first I thought it to be that only at certain times the bees would open up to me and when I asked the bees about this, there was almost a giggle.  How can the light be turned off?  It was me that was blocking the light at times by wearing masks.  But the light is always there.  The soul light is always there.  We just need to take off the masks and allow our own light to shine out, just like it was me that had to choose to invite the Unicorn back into my life.

I am still learning.  I am so thankful that the bees (and unicorns) are patient teachers!

I Hear Your Whisper



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