Compound Eyes: the Magical and the Mundane

IMAG6278_1The little black and gold light being rested, Dreaming of peace for all within the Great Turtle Shell.  Woodpecker medicine could be felt through the heartbeat of the fertile Earth Mother, as She watched over her child.  The Cosmic Serpent, aware of everything, waited as patiently as the friend whose feet He was curled around.  No unsolicited help is given, but just by being present and aware, all beings on Turtle are benefiting from their energies.

It is just as easy to look at the above picture and think, there is a honey bee on a peace symbol made from wax inside of a turtle shell with statues and a few crystals around and maybe some wood that a woodpecker dug upon.

Both views are true.

Whether you see magical or mundane, you are not wrong.  Which view one sees, depends on the individual and the eyes they look through.  Because we have a choice, I would rather see the magical in the mundane.  When I walk through the world, I see magic everywhere and it fills my heart.  That feels right to me.  That is who I am.  Does it make me more magical than someone who sees the world with mundane eyes, no.  Does it mean that I SEE more magic and step through life as if the world is full of magic, yes.

I was raised with one practical parent and one more intuitive parent.  I believe I spent much of my younger years, looking with one eye on the magical and one eye on the mundane.  Perhaps that is why that I am able as an adult to continue to maintain the ability to see the magical within the mundane.  The magical is always there, just as the mundane is always there; but often social pressure, changing priorities, and the desire to keep your true self protected from others, leads one to stop seeing the magical and leaves only the mundane.


When I look at a bee hive, I see a pulsing, living, sacred Being; full of light, alchemical processes, love, purpose, desires, and thousands of hands and eyes to make her dreams manifest.  She first learns of her own inner being before she goes out into the world to collect what she needs to be healthy and to fulfil her promise of moving the Sacred Energies of the earth, as brought to fullness with help from the Sacred Energies of the heavens.  She is the Universe learning about and loving Itself.

I also see a colony of honey bees living together in the same space, working daily to keep their queen healthy so she can lay the eggs required to keep the colony healthy.  Each bee has a job to do at specific times during its lifespan to create a healthy environment that is more resistant to pests and diseases.

I cannot turn off my magical eyes though, so even the mundane becomes magical to me.  How amazing is it that the queen and her workers determine together just how many bees are needed at that one moment in time to complete all of the jobs necessary, but not stress the food supply?  How do the bees know how to create hexagons within their hive to store the honey, as it is the best way to make the most out of the space?  How do they know to dance upon the frames so that other bees can do the math and follow in their flight path to find the flowers who are in the perfect phase of bloom?  How do the flowers grow just the right length petals so specific bee tongues can reach their nectars and others can’t?  How do flowers become covered in UV light patterns to attract just the right bees to the right “landing pads”?  How do just hatched bees know their first job to do as soon as they crawl out of their cell? How do bees know that tree resins will keep their hives stronger and more free from pests?

To me, the mundane supplies the how and the magical supplies the why.  To learn of the why, one must learn to see the magical.  Neither way is right or wrong.  Which eye(s) do you use?

2 replies to “Compound Eyes: the Magical and the Mundane

  1. You are Rockin. Girl. I remember a Teacher who was about teaching me the Medicine Wheel. SHe also said: you can look at this stones and just see a lot of stones or you can Look at these Stones and See the Gateways to another Realm, See the Medicine of it. I also remember when I was about to receive my first Initiation in the Order of Weavers the woman asked me: would you like to touch these objects or do you want them to have described to you. I chose for describing them because, when I touch something it is a thing, looking with mundane eyes, and when I hear them being described I can go into them, looking with Magical eyes. Thank you for letting me remember and bee aware.

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