Caretakers of the Heartbeat

11892017_10207361321930461_4522806140388456047_nThe honey bees share a journey of rebirth with those who choose to listen.  Their own hive Beeing is like a Womb, just like in the journey.  Each time a worker bee enters into the Womb, she is choosing to enter the dark and be reborn.  As she flies again from the Womb back out into the world, she carries with her the Heartbeat of the Hive.  When she lands on an open flower, that Heartbeat is a like the sound of a lover, whispering sweet nothings as the bee nibbles and tickles the colorful petals, asking for a sharing of energies.  The exchange of sun love; action for potential and potential for action.

The drone chooses to enter into the dark and be reborn too. Each time that he flies forth from the Hive Womb, he carries the Heartbeat within himself and he looks to make the ultimate sacrifice for that Heartbeat to continue, with the guidance of another Queen.

Each bee is a caretaker of the Heartbeat in their own way.  Do you choose to carry on The Heartbeat?  If so, choose this journey, as gifted by the honey bee.

Rebirth Journey

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