As Above, So Below

tree as xStanding in the Center of the Lemniscate of the Year that She and her sister helped to birth into being, She stands in her power position, drawing energy to Her from Shadow below and from the Sky above, just as She of the Thorn Blooded Rose taught Her.  The stilled air is framed by the Stars above Her head.

She begins to move the dark stones by candle light, painted with stars as Her teacher suggested.  Following the Snake, She moved the stones above her head.  The stones move in spiral patterns, as if their own galaxies.

Her voice rises with each verse, the vibration increasing, creating a tension around Her in all directions.  Now, the skin is pulled taut over the drum frame and the strings are ready to be plucked.  Ancestors, welcome.  Come and share the Night.  Ancestors, welcome.  Come and share your Light.

Earth and Water, suspended in Air, needed only the element of Fire to call to it for movement.  Now, above Her head is Cloud, where the Ancestors move easily.

It is an acknowledgement of hearing.  The message is loud and clear to Her senses and heart.  As above, so below.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.

The communication is open and the Wheel has turned with Her as it’s axle.



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