Where Sky Meets Earth

Gowned in gold and black, The Queen leaves alone for this most Sacred of journeys.  She can sense she is going the right way, as her body is made for this.  She knows the health of her entire world depends on her success.  The wind blowing against her back, gently pushes her forward, towards her destiny.  Her destination is in sight.  A column of Light reaches from the Earth up towards the Sun.  As she enters the Column,  she is energized and the hairs stand up all over her body.  She is in the space inbetween and she is radiant!  The males, who to this point had been waiting for just this moment, turn their attention to her.  She is Divine!  She smells of sunshine and rose and though she is in the Column, she glows of a light all her own.  The males want to be with her, but must prove their worth first.  This is not a competition among males, but a test of their own Divine Skills.  In the Column, Balance is the only language, and to match her brilliance, a male must shine quite brightly. If a Balance is met, he passes on all that he has learned and gathered to her and falls back to the Earth as a shooting star.



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