Moon Blood Offering

While this may seem a bit off topic of many of my posts, I believe it is interwoven in the Healing of the Earth and ourselves and is too important a message to not be told.

I have grown up in a culture where menstruation is looked down upon as being dirty.  I was lucky enough to have a mother who would talk to me more than most, but I didn’t even have the right questions to ask as I started menstruating, so I learned the same as most young girls in the United States did to use environmentally unfriendly pads or intrusive tampons.  And what do you do with the used ones, of course, is throw them out.  Blood is dirty, right?  Especially your period blood.

It wasn’t until I became a bit older, as in late thirties, that I realized there was another way to look at menstruating.  It is a natural, beautiful process and the resulting Moon Blood is actually quite beneficial for plants.  Even the Words I used to talk about it changed quite rapidly.  Blood from my period became these beautiful words with beautiful connections to a time in the past when women were celebrated for their ability to bleed and not die and to bring Life into the World.  Moon Blood was known in the past as Blood of Life, Supernatural Red Wine, Wise Blood, Kula Nectar, Magic Blood, Milk, Mead, and Moon Dew.

There is evidence of the honoring of menstrual blood in many ancient cultures. In Shaktism it is still honored.  The Earth’s menstruation is celebrated during the Ambubachi Mela, an annual fertility festival held in June in India. During Ambubachi, the annual menstruation course of the goddess Kamakhya is worshipped in the Kamakhya Temple. The temple stays closed for three days and then reopens to receive pilgrims and worshippers. It is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the world, attracting millions of visitors each year. (Video of Kamakhya Temple

I had heard of ancient pagan practices of asking for fertile soils and crops by having menstruating women bleed on the fields about to be planted, but that is all I knew.  Since I felt so strongly upon making Moon Blood an offering to the Earth, like a calling, I looked into it and want to share some of what I found out on the path to ancient traditions.   At times, depending on whether the society was healthy in Sacred Male/Female balance, women were not allowed to touch a man if she had her moon flow because it could “take the hunter’s power away” or it could “add power to the hunter.”  Sometimes She was honored with a moon house and others sent away to hide in the Moon house.  Some stories tell that the first people came from clotted menstrual blood mixed with clay,but we are now told that menstruating is unclean.  Pliny went as far to say that menstruating women would scare bees away from the hive if she even touched the outside of the hive.  Stories told to push down the female power.  It is time to put aside the stories of the glorified male stories and return to the balance of Sacred Female AND Sacred Masculine.

One pagan ritual that continued even after Christianity tried to destroy it, was the carrying of seeds to the field by women and in cloth dyed with menstrual blood.  The blood was thought to bring fertility to the seeds, much like the earlier custom of having menstruating women walk upon the fields to make them more fertile.  Blood has been associated with fertility, regeneration and immortality, much like the symbols of the snake and of the bee.


Here is a page that will tell you a little about the history of Moon Blood along with the picture from above

The picture above shows the Tjet in Egypt, perhaps the Knot of Isis that binds magic, perhaps the Blood of Isis.  Notice how it is next to the djed.  Some say that the djed is the male while the tjet is the female.  Do these two symbols above show the idea of Sacred Male and Sacred Female balance, like a mortar and pestle used in magic?  Notice that the Tjet symbol looks like an Anhk symbol, only the “arms” are down rather than out to the side.  Both are related to Life.

One symbol of the Sacred Male and Sacred Female is the white and red, with red representing the Goddess (menstrual blood) and the white representing the God (semen).  It is this combination of white and red, that is seen many places: on many altars, as an entryway into FairyLand, in Witch

Is the Sacred Womb, the Sacred Cave from which Moon Blood flows, where the idea of the Sacred Bull came into being?

bull head tubes

“Phrygian Ophiogeneis, “Snake-born People,” said their first male ancestor was the Great Serpent who dwelt in the garden of paradise.  Paradise was a name of the Goddess-as-Virgin, identified with Mother Hera (Earth), whose virgin form was Hebe, a Greek spelling of Eve.  Virgin Hera parthenogenetically conceived the oracular serpent Python, of the “Womb-temple,” Delphi.  Snakes living in the womb of Mother Earth were supposed to possess all the wisdom, being in contact with the “wise blood” of the world.

One of the secrets shared by the primordial woman and her serpent was the secret of menstruation.  Persians claimed menstruation was brought into the world by the first mother, whom they called Jahi the Whore, a Lilith-like defier of the Heavenly Father.  She began to menstruate for the first time after coupling with Ahriman, the Great Serpent.  Afterward, she seduced “the first righteous man,” who had previously lived alone in the garden of paradise with only the divine sacrificial bull for company.”

The sacrificial bull is thought to bring into being 1000 souls (represented by bees) when it is sacrificed.  1000 is a special number in Jewish gematria and relates to the completion of the cycle. Other words that are related in this mathematical system based off of the Bible, are: ancient female human body, blessed Mother Mary, Holy daughter of God, Blood Moon and Yom Kipper.

three women with blood
Let us claim our Sacred job of bringing Life to this world.  Whether you birth actual children, or ideas or art, we are the Birthers.  We have the Life Force.  We are the Particle while the male is the Wave.  We are the mortar while the male is the pestle.  Without one, there is no other.  Let our Sacred Balance come into Being.  Let the Sacred Life Force be honored and let Earth feel our Love.  I invite you to share your Moon Blood with the Earth. Feel free to join this community to share ideas or thoughts and just to be a part of like-minded people.

I have been making Moon Blood offerings to my Land for a year now and the energy has drastically changed.  Where I honored the Elm Tree as my Ancestor Tree before, She IS my Ancestor and Center Post for other Ancestors to find me.  Where I could feel the Dragon energy on my land before, I raise the Dragon Energy within me to raise Her energy as well.  Where I welcomed the wild animals and heard their messages before, I am a part of the wild animals and communication now.  Where my Sacred Gardens held my magic before, they are 3D symbols that project Magic now.  I am a microcosm of the Earth and what I feel, I can project out to the macro world.  I am a beautiful, empowered, creative. loving warrior.  I am Earth.

Beautiful blog I found on Moon Blood Offerings: “When the women of the world return their blood to the earth. Mother earth will know peace is on its way.”

I invite you to offer your Moon Blood to Mother Earth so she can hear you better and know you better.  Let us open up that communication again and fill our role as Sacred Birthers in the World.  I would suggest using a Dive Cup or any type of moon flow cup as it takes the shape of the cauldron and empty your offerings into a container (I use a mason jar) that you pour out onto the Land where and when you feel it is right.  If you use a tampon, just soak it in a container of water first so that the blood mixes with the water and then you can throw out the tampon and make an offering of the blood water.

Moon Blood is Sacred to our Earth Mother and we need to ReMember our Power as we offer it to Her with Intention.

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  1. Beeautiful Sister, I am soo Impressed, soo Moved and Touched by this Highly Sacred Piece of Artwork. Sacred Waters fill my eyes. What an incredible magical beeautiful Journeyh we are on. Thank you so much for your Love and your Courage to bring this out into the World. Sending soo much love xox

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