Silence, Tears and Blood

Fairy Stone now stands in the center of my garden.  She and I have begun our relationship and I have opened myself up to the land of the fairy in my woods.  As is always the case while working with fairies it seems, I was put to work.  Upon walking up to the Fairy Stone, I discovered a trail right through the middle of my woods marked with newly painted orange paint and the obvious signs of all terrain vehicles.  I was pissed.  This was my special day that I had prepared for during the past month and it was the day I was connecting to Fairy Stone and opening up to the natural magic of the land; disturbances from quads did not fit in the picture and certainly not someone driving a quad through my woods and marking my trees with ugly orange.  My heart races, my blood pressure rose and I was ready to hurt someone, but then a message came from Owl to slow down, ground myself and be patient.  I continued on my quest to Fairy Stone, completed my promise and then brought her back to stand in my garden.  I am honored to have her so close to me and to have her agree to work with me.  Please help me to listen and hear her communications.

My work for the day, was to be the hands of the fairies, with the help of my husband.  We put up signs on our land to let the quad drivers know they are not welcome on our land.

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