Fairy Stone

It’s time to quest to the Fairy Stone in my woods.  She formally made herself known to me a month ago and made a promise to work with me as long as I agree to her terms, which I already have.  She first made herself known to me in the first year we moved in.  I knew she was special then and I knew I would see her again, but it wasn’t time and so I left and almost forgot about the introduction to the cool white stone.   On November 27, 2011 on one of my “woods wanderings” in which I am in tune and attuned to the natural magic around, she called me to her.  I went with a “fairy rattle” in my hand, a bladdernut, though I did not know it at the time.  I asked for her help and she agreed, promising to be in touch.  She was true to her word and 20 days later, during one of my “magic baths” she connected to me.

Fairy Stone. Fairy Stone.

All the colors of light.

Show me how to connect just right.

She told me how and when to connect.  The how is “silence, tears and blood” and the when is on the 3rd day of my next bleed.  The three trees that will help to connect us are willow, elm and cedar; although a fourth unnamed will also be important. 

Since that first connection, I have looked up Fairy Stone, since that is what she wants to be known as.  I now have “fairy stone” crosses from Fairy Stone National Park, thought to be tears of fairies that learned of Jesus’s death years ago.  They bring good luck to the bearer and are also known as staurolites.  There is a Fairy Stone at Hordron Edge Stone Circle in Britain and it is the largest stone in the circle of 9-24 stones in the SW and is said to mimic the Win and Los Hills behind it.  White quartz is also known as fairy stone is was thought by some to be unlucky to build with, unless you had the fairies blessing. 

I ask for the ability to hear the unsaid and to connect to fairy tomorrow.  Wish me luck! 

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