New Year

According to the Gregorian calendar, it is the New Year.  With the New Year comes new beginnings.  I find it interesting and insightful that the New Year comes in the winter by one calendar and in the fall in another calendar.  The insightful part is that both are times of quiet introspection.  So when people jump to new year’s resolutions and get active on right away, it seems to go against what nature is showing you to have a healthy process of change.  Sure, think about your goals and maybe even start to develop a plan, but just like the seeds at this time of year, let them develop when they are ready and the timing is right.  Let spring’s warmth provide the nurturing environment where your goals can thrive and flourish.  Don’t push your seeds out there in the wrong environment only to be short lived.

My New Year’s meditation yielded the same message.  Guess I needed to be reminded, so I thought I’d pass it on.

Turtle – North

Fairy/Honeybee – East

Dragon – South

Unicorn – West

Spirals, spirals everywhere.  Going within, going without. But how to know the time, is it right to listen or to shout?

Turtles in torpor need no air and bees shiver to stay warm.  A dragon does what a dragon does and who knows the heart of a unicorn?

Time of year and words former, speak of time of quiet and rest.  But just like bees and turtles show, they awaken once the wheel leaves west.

I trust my guides, their magic strong and know but to tune both ears. I ask for a touch of hare to appear so It is sooner rather than years.

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