Garden Spider

I so enjoy my relationship with my yarden.  I saw this garden spider today, as I sat out observing pollinators.

I had actually seen part of her web earlier, as I took note of the “high rope” I saw between the two red bee balm (check out the picture below to see what I mean), but I thought it was just a left over trail of a spider from earlier in the day as it made it way flower to flower.  As I sat in the yarden today, contemplating how best to bring connection to land to more humans in my local area, I gazed out into the mugwort and saw this garden spider climb up to the “high rope” from a lower area, invisible to my sight.  To me, it was a sign to write more about my relationship with the natural environment, of which we are all a part.

Just yesterday, I was in the garden, not far from this spot, when I was thinking about the fact that I had not seen a garden spider this year.  They are quite noticeable with their large black and white bodies and unique webs and I found it interesting that I had not seen one yet.  Perhaps it was a post on facebook from a friend of a garden spider in their yard that had me pondering myself.

Today, I saw this garden spider.  One may say that a part of my brain did not stop looking for a garden spider after I thought of it the day before.  Others may say that the plants and perhaps even the garden spiders itself has a way of understanding the energy of my thoughts and helped to present the opportunity for me to see the spider today.  Others may say that there was some part of me that sensed the garden spider in that area and that is what caused the thought to enter my mind the day before.  Regardless of the reason one believes, it is the very fact that I am outside in my yarden and allowing my senses to explore and be in relationship with all that is around me with an open mind, that is allowing for all of this to occur. 

Do you allow yourself to be outdoors with an open mind?  If not, I encourage you to explore this relationship yourself; a walk in the park, sitting against a tree while reading, sitting in the middle of your yarden…however you can.

It is a relationship that strengthens with attention, just like any relationship.  Spend some time quietly observing the natural world around you and see how your thoughts spiral and how there is a response in you to the land, or is it a response from the land to you?  Have fun!



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