Journey of Love – Bee Temple

May we remember that we are all moving temples.20190702_120656.jpg

That our hands may serve others and bless the very body to which they are attached.

That every flower, every blade of grass, every leaf is a celebration of life, bursting into being full of love.

We were all born full of love.

We may not have felt love after, as we tried to fill our hearts with those that had not felt love before us.

Today, chose love.

Remember that you are a moving temple. Raise your hands to your own altar, your heart and pray for you.  Pray that you will see each sunrise for the blessing that it is and that you will feel the wind as the caress it is.  Pray that you will hear each prayer that rises up with your own; from the crickets, the birds, the squirrels, the worms….  Pray that each drop of water that touches your lips reminds you that your own waters are sacred.  Pray that each scent that is carried to your nose brings about a connection to life, your life, all life.

I pray with the bees.  I move my temple to sit with their temple.  Together, we pray.

May all know love.  May all feel love.  May all be love.  May all remember we are all moving temples.


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