A Rare Flower

The Sun and Water opened a rare flower within the Land at Sun Hill.

Word spread.

Bees came from all over to collect the nectar from the rare flower on Sun Hill. Some came by land and others flew over the salty water. The bees sang the same song.

As the bees collected the nectar, they often shared with other bees and the nectar became even sweeter. The bees also collected pollen on themselves as they collected nectar, as bees. The rare flower lost its petals and the bees glowed with sun.

The bees traveled to their homes with heavy legs loaded with pollen and the nectar from the rare flower in their honey stomachs. They shared the nectar and pollen with other bees, as bees do.

The bees thrived. The sun within each bee opened more rare flowers.

The light continued to spread until all land sprouted with rare flowers. The Land sighed and cried tears of joy and the Air and Water ran clear.

All Life is rare.

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