Bee Love for your HeartH Workshop

Bee Love for your HeartH: BEElieve in Magic with Melissa Bee

Do you want to be a steward and helping partner of bees, but don’t know how to begin? Bees are vital to the well being of our eco-system. Bees offer so many gifts to us, simply by their presence, but how do we return their love and raise the energy of the earth while doing so?

Bees tend to buzz around just on the edges of our consciousness, flirting with us, inviting us to engage in an ancient, sacred dance, until we finally hear the call. If you are feeling the call to become a loving partner who honors bees and creates bee friendly space, but aren’t sure how to go about BEE-ing in this natural relationship, you will benefit from this workshop with Melissa Bee who listens to the teachings of the Bee to share with others (Sacred Beekeeper).

Learn how to step into your role as a stronger partner for bees.  At the Bee Workshop at AwenTree in Easthampton, MA,  Melissa Bee will share how to get started building a sacred relationship with bees, including simple practices you can embrace in your life. You will learn science-based and spiritual principles to aid your stewardship of bees.

She will teach you how to invite bee energy into your life; including the ancient practice of bhramari, creating safe watering holes, providing nourishing food through specific plants (pollinator friendly gardening), and tuning into your own vibration. She will share philosophy around beekeeping and why re-wording our language around bees is important.

Melissa will also guide us in honoring the seasonal tide of the Bee of which we will be in an auspicious moment at the time of the workshop and share with us a circle dance inspired by the bees!

Magic happens effortlessly, once your heart and hearth are enlivened by bee energy! You will go home with a sacred prayer and offering to enliven your land (whether owned by you or community) by inviting in bee energy!

NOTE: You do not have to be a Beekeeper to attend this workshop. You just need an open heart and desire to be a good steward of bees in your corner of the world.

Cost: $20 Pre-registration is respectfully requested. There is a minimum of four pre-paid attendees in order for the workshop to run (your money would be refunded if class does not run due to enrollment)

To learn more and register please visit the website ->


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