Enter the Sacred Isle of Bees at the Feast of Lights Event


I welcome you to join me for a journey to the Sacred Isle of Bees at the Earthspirit’s Feast of Lights event on February 10, 2017. If you are interested in the bee presentation, it is occurring at 9pm-10:30pm on the 10th, though there are some wonderful presentations happening the whole weekend.

Check out the Sacred Isle of Bees to learn how to open your Heart through the teachings of the honeybee.

It is time to bring back the Hum of Love in this world, the Unstruck Sound before creation. Take a spiral journey to connect with the wisdom of the honey bee and connect to the ancient medicine that bees have provided for millions of years. Taste the nectar of pure love before your Melissae-led journey to the sacred Womb of the bees. If you are ready for a rebirth of divine love, then follow the hum of your heart to the Sacred Isle of Bees workshop and get ready to be filled with light.

This is a class in the Earthspirit Community’s Feast of Lights and tickets can be purchased on site before the program. A Feast of Lights is a time to gather to rekindle our fires, to find warmth in community when the cold is deepest, at the season of the Celtic festival of Imbolg, This winter, more than ever, we need the promise of that small flame in the darkness, and so we stir together a rich community with a wonderful collection of teachers, performers, artists, and merchants.

2 replies to “Enter the Sacred Isle of Bees at the Feast of Lights Event

  1. I’m more of a down-to-earth guy, so I was skeptical when I read the workshop description. It seemed a bit on the “new-agey” side for me.

    I ended up taking 10 workshops over the 3-day Feast of Lights, and yours was the one I enjoyed the most, by far!

    I loved it! You’re a bright, cheerful, and engaging speaker, who knows her stuff. You did a wonderful job leading us through the exercises, and I ended up feeling happy end energized. Thank you for a wonderful workshop!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Vince. It was wonderful to meet you! The bees do have a way of leaving all of us happy and energized after being in their presence. I am excited for your balcony Hive can can’t wait to hear your own thoughts while working with the bees. Thank you for taking a risk!

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