There is no death. There is NO death. That is what the bees want me to know as I wake up from my dream and I am still in hypnagogia…there is no death.Dead bee

This strong message comes to me days before my dad passes, as if a hug from a friend, knowing you are struggling. But I still struggle a little with the message. No death? How can that be possible? I believe in reincarnation, but that still seems like a new beginning after a death. If we didn’t have death, how could we have life? Don’t bee colonies die if they are not strong enough? I always look to the natural world to help me define my beliefs and I seem to see death, but the bees have never lied to me. And this message seems important.

My mind turns to science at this point. Energy is neither created or destroyed. It simply changes form. So, when the leaf is released by the tree and falls to the ground, it changes from a leaf to soil over time. But that seems like a death, until you think of it in terms of energy. It never truly was a “leaf,” as that was just the name we use to differentiate it from other parts of the tree. A “leaf,” simply is energy that is gathered in one spot and takes on a recognizable shape to those that name it “leaf.” When it falls to the ground, its energy is transformed into another form that we recognize as “soil.” It is still the same energy, if you think big and without limits of what we see only with the eyes or name with our voices. It simply is energy.
Colorful trees with leaces

Continuing this train of thought, we are simply energy gathered into a body shape that is named by others and then always recognized as that one shape and name. I am “Melissa.” But Melissa is a vibration used to name my recognizable shape. My energy would still be there if I had no name. And if I went through the change we name “death,” my energy would still be there as well, but no longer recognizable to others as the shape of “Melissa.”

When a bee colony dies, their genes may still be out there in other hives, just like humans genes may continue on, but the energy of the “hive” is still around, just not recognizable as the “hive” we knew the shape of prior to what we call death.
Bee colony

When my dad passes away at 12am, the inbetween time of day and night, on January 12, during the inbetween time of the year according to Swedish culture, and the bees tell me that there is no death, just a transformation of energy inbetween forms…I think my spiritual and scientific mind is satisfied, that things are as they should bee.

Prayers for dad Prayer messages, gathered as “cards,” burned to transform into prayer energy that we can’t see, to hopefully be felt by the energy I knew as “Dad.”


2 replies to “InBeeTween

  1. How Wonderfilled, how Profound.
    The Cosmology of the Andean People is one of “Everything and all is Energy in the Universe”. For them there is Heavy Energy (Hoocha) and Light Energy (Sami). No labeling. No duality. Only Energy.

    Thank you MelissaBeeMagic, You Are NaturalMagic for sure HEART

    1. Thank you Tinah Bee. I think this overlap of “energy” is a good place to show how science and spirituality are two strands of the same DNA. We can understand the Mystery better if we look at both together. Smile.

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