Gratitude, Gardens and Lemniscates

It is so easy to get caught up in the distractions of the “demanding” world and forget that those demands can be stripped away, layer by layer, until you get to what really matters.  It is also easy to forget that the world in which we place our feet down each day, is full of magic!  It is up to us as we place each foot down, to decide: do we throw our foot out in front us to catch our weight, as it slams down upon the hard-packed dirt, as we trudge our way through the day; or do we place our foot down with joy, feeling the connection to the Earth below and all those who have placed their foot in that same space, or on that same stone years ago, as we dance our way through our day, feeling the elements upon our bodies and thankful that another step has been taken.

I am so thankful that I am able to live the life I choose to live.  As I dream about placing my bare foot upon the Earth in a few weeks as the grounds warm with the heightening sun, I think about how the clover will feel beneath my feet, tickling as their tiny white flowers bounce back towards the sun.  Dreaming of past experiences is possible because the senses of an event stay with us, if it means something to us.  Think of the moments that you can pull up in your memory and “feel” how you felt, your senses were engaged and you were enlivened.  Being in my garden enlivens me and so I dream about it this time of year when it is warming, but not yet warm enough to go outside and start working in the soil.

In my continued dream from above, I make my way out to the gardens and smile.  One garden, a stone circle with cross-quarters, is my Shadow Garden, which forms a lemniscate with my wood, spiral garden.  My Wood Spiral garden was dedicated to the bees and other pollinators and has three items to ground the spiral:  a Fairy Stone, a rose bush and a branch from a honey bee swarm.  The spiral leads out to the Snake Garden, which empties out into Sacred Food Garden.

These gardens contain thoughts, prayers, energies, ashes and other Sacred items from many years of collection.  They have transformed through the alchemy of Love and Intention, into Sacred Space.  It is here, in this physical world, but it is a connection with Sacred.  It IS this world, for this world IS Sacred.  The gardens have been re-enlivened and so have I.

I step with joy and gratitude, each step I take.  When I forget that, it only takes a short walk to the gardens to remind me and if that is impossible, a dream of them, is enough to send the distracted feelings away.  Sacred is around you all of the time.  Sacred is within you.  Sacred is each flower or each bee visiting that flower, or the wind blowing through your hair.  Sacred is below your foot with each step, so be grateful for each step.

The making of the Wood Spiral Garden.




The Cross Quarters Garden



The Sacred Food Garden


Just one sacred flower, borage, in the Snake Garden, living it’s life with love and interconnectedness.


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