Water for the Bees

Creating a water offering for bees is a fun way to get involved in helping bees and it is only limited by your your imagination!  I like to imagine myself as a bee and think what would I like to land on, how would I want it to look, and what types of extra medicines would I want as options?

Since we are having above50 degree weather tomorrow and the bees will be out, I figured today was a good day to get my watering mecca set up for the girls who may be out collecting water or perhaps some resins.

Below is what it looked like before I went foraging with my bees eyes out in the woods.


And this is what it looked like once I added the medicines from the woods.


Notice the number of ways out of the water and safe places to drink water without the possibility for the bees to fall in and drown.

imageInteresting mushrooms were added as options for health benefits, as honey bees forage for resins from mushrooms.  For more information on how mushrooms can benefit bees, check out Paul Stamets and his research here. The specific info for bees starts about 9:25.


Crystals are beautiful and a great way to energize your water.


Have fun with it and be sure to provide fresh water collected outside naturally to give the bees the most nutrients in their water.


2 replies to “Water for the Bees

  1. Good idea, did the bees visit? I leave similar out for my bees, a few hotels under my veranda. They take the water and the sand for sealing the nest entrance, mixed with resin.

    It’s a pleasure to have friends in the bees.

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