Recipe for BeeLoveds

I came upon a question today that asked how I bring spiritual practices into beekeeping.  While it is a great question that I can answer on many different levels, especially as spiritual beekeeping tends to lovingly caress everything I do in my life, the woman asking seemed to be looking for specific practices.  To honor her request and hopefully inspire one or two more, I am sharing one very specific practice I did most recently.


After cleansing the area I was working in and getting into the mindset that I need to connect to the Stillness, within and without, I melted some beeswax.  As I did so, I brought through Intention through vibration, so that as the wax melted into potential, I helped it to vibrate with love and blessings.

I poured the wax into a container to allow it to harden with more blessings and medicines…herbs.  Each herb was chosen for its special relationship with honey bees and thanked for its beauty and medicine.  Each herb, a collection of perfectly balanced elements, memories of bird songs, tickles from bees, and so many other sacred moments…dried into pure essence of being.

As the wax hardened in the mold and the herbs infused it with their medicines, I sang of beautiful flowers and bountiful food and blessings for bees.


The resulting wax blessings were then charged on an altar of love, blessed by my cat Orion (the featured picture) and then offered to the bees, along with yellow roses, sprinkled with wax, herbs, blessings and charged with incense.

May the bees know how loved they are, even in this still time when dreams are whispering to them of a bountiful spring and beautiful flowers!

Bee blessed, blessed bees!


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