Bee Priestess

I think it is important to define what a bee priestess is because people call me a bee priestess and I have been struggling with that term.  I have to really think about this because when I think of a bee priestess I think of the dancing, frame-drum playing, journey-leading, transformation creating Melissa that used to serve the bee goddesses, such as Demeter, Persephone, Cybele, Aphrodite, Neith, and Artemis.  While I may do all of the things listed up, I still don’t equate myself with the ancient Melissa.

bee priestessdancing melissae

Which leads me back to the question, what is a modern day bee priestess?

I think a priestess is a woman who lives her life in service to the Whole.  She holds all Life dear and believes all beings are worthy of respect.  She lives with authenticity and love.  She listens to her intuition.  She always consults with her heart before making meaningful decisions.  She walks with grace even if surrounded by the ungraceful.  She celebrates the sacred in every day moments.  She raises others around her up, especially other women.  She does her work with intention, whatever that work is.  She serves herself by helping others because she knows we are all one.  Will she accomplish all of this all of the time, no.  But she will try her damndest and forgive herself when she falters and get right back on the path.

Add bee to priestess and I believe you get a woman who does all of the above, but realizes that it is A LOT easier when you connect with bees.  Bees teach you everything listed above and more, when you spend time with them and open yourself up to their language.

So. I guess the reason I have an issue with the label bee priestess is because of intention.  Many people use labels to divide, to make it easier to become us and them. More people use labels and don’t even realize they are dividing.  So, I guess what it comes down to why are you calling me a bee priestess?  Are you calling me a bee priestess to separate ourselves, saying you could never do anything on the above list?  Then no, I am not a bee priestess because you can do everything on that list.  Do you call me a bee priestess to recognize my efforts to do everything on the list above with the help of the bees?  In that sense, I guess I am OK with being called a bee priestess.  The question to ask yourself before labeling anyone with any type of label is, am I doing this to unite or divide?

Are you a bee priestess?


3 replies to “Bee Priestess

  1. HEART Melissa Bee. It is the reason why chosing one certain Path of Knowledge for me is not possible because it feels like dividing. Weaving it all into a Beeautiful Multidimensional Cloth, that’s what I love. HEART

  2. I am so happy to meet you! I was called to help the bees so all i know how to do is donate money to organizations who help them, send out petitions and plant flowers! My daughter and I have bee tattoos in honour of their sweet service to us! I love meeting my sister priestesses!

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