The Land Knew My Goat Arthur

The land knew my goats, King Arthur and Merlin.  I don’t understand how it works or even how I know it and I am OK with the knowing without understanding.  When the mystery of world grasps you, the intellect cannot understand and in fact obstructs the understanding, yet if you allow the mystery in, there is something within you that does understand.

When I open my heart, there is room for knowings to enter.  When my husband and I walked the land with Arthur and Merlin, there was even more of reaching out to us as we moved through the space.  It was as if our presence had a more physical denseness than typical, as we pushed through the air that in turn moved through the forest trees.  Each foot felt as if the ground was reaching up to meet it and I knew it was the same for the hooves in our group as well.  Arthur and Merlin made everything more physically present, including me.  I felt that way in their presence, whether I was looking into their horizontal pupils or not.  I even began to feel that physical presence as I was driving on the street coming close to my house and the outer reach of their presence.  I have felt this similar feeling with horses too, when I used to spend a lot of time with them in my years in high school.

It was due to this relationship with the land that the goats inhabited that I knew the land felt the loss of King Arthur and that it needed to be acknowledged and honored, not just by the humans who knew Arthur, but also the land.   I have always been able to listen to the land in a way that I have since realized is a skill of mine.  I do not believe I am special, as I believe everyone can do the same and yet I have realized that not everyone does and I have had a lot of practice.  Therefore, it was not a surprise to me when I received knowings of how to honor Arthur in a way that the land was a part of the ceremony.  It was simple and it was intense.  I am grateful for the ability to listen and to co-create a ceremony fitting King Arthur with the land.

King Arthur looked over the land and the land now looks over Arthur.  Journey well, Arthur.  Merlin, Jesse and I wish you fields of woody plants to devour and plenty of space for your kick-jumps!


One reply to “The Land Knew My Goat Arthur

  1. Beautiful❤❤
    Journey well, King Arthur.
    And how wonderful to fully discover and uncover your Skill as Listener of the Land, to be able to communicate with the Land.

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