When I put my antennae up and asked for the guidance of Bee during these trying times, I received a message.  This is my attempt at translating that message into words.  The message is much more clear and beautiful than I can paint in words, so I ask you to soften your mind, much like you may soften your eyes to see those hidden pictures clearer.  If you try to think with linear focus, you lose much of the message.  Soften your mind and relax into the message.

We are all creators.  We create our own stories and how we react within them and to each other is our choice.  If the story is one you do not like, it is up to you to change it.  It does not matter what you call the process; magic, goal-driven, laws of attraction or intenetion, YOU are the creators.  You have amazing abilities that you can tap into.  Do not just dabble in amazement at what you think you are capable of, CREATE WHAT YOU WANT.  If a story is being told by others that you do not like, it is because you are allowing their story to be louder than your story and you are beginning to believe their story.

The Universe (One Song) is always being created.  The Earth (our planet, where we are grounded) is always being created.  Our bodies (cell by cell) are always being created.  Our stories are always being created. Create the being, the planet, the Song you want.

[Earth creating itself]


Send what you want transformed down into the Earth’s magma core and use the fire to transform it into what you want to create.


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