Balanced Scales

The full moon is shining brightly.  In my calendar, it is Balancing Moon and it certainly feels as if things that have needed balancing, are finally coming to a place of equilibrium.  Equal; balanced.  Libra; scales.  It does make sense that the constellation of the zodiac representing balance, is the only one depicted by an

inanimate object.  But can we animate beings on earth find balance?  Absolutely.  Just look to the bees.


I look at the Moon and say my prayers and intentions.  Tonight, I Dance for her, as she sits at one of her two balance points.  I dance for the bee, who help to guide all of us to a place of balance.  I dance for the snake, who provides the path to find the balance.  I dance for the spider, who weaves everything together to keep the balance.  I dance for my sister, as she balances her energies in her body and heart.  I dance for the earth, as she slows now to help us all reach our own balance points.

The Snake, she flows.  The Bee, she knows.  Spider, she grows.  My bare feet dance around and around the garden, reflecting back to the moon her own shape.  Beautiful moon, I am in balance when I dance with you.  Send this balance out to the world.  Remind us all to feel the balance.  To slow down enough to feel the balance.  Slow down enough to be the balance.  Slow down.  Balance.

The snake cord that reached back to provide a path to bring in my ancestors lays slack around my neck.  Bees fill my body now.  First my head, until the buzz drowns out any thoughts.  Then my heart and chest, so that the vibration of all of the wings flapping is all I can sense throughout my body.  Then my legs and feet, so that every place my feet make contact with the ground experiences the pure love and vibration of love.  Balance.  Sensing the connection of everything.  We are all one superorganism, like a bee colony.  That is what balance is…connection.  A web of connection weaves us all together.  If you just twang the invisible threads around you, you can sense it.  If you slow down enough, you know it.  Balance.  Connection.  Love.20160821_085551



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