It was amazing to walk outside in the sun after a week of rain.  It was the gentle rain that is good for growth; of seeds and soul alike.  As good is it felt, just like the newly planted seeds, my soul was craving the sun so give me a new goal to stretch towards.

The first thing I noticed upon walking outside was the quince flowers that were in bloom.


Their being just reached their next goal.  While I admit I may be a little jealous as they knew their next goal and reached it so quickly and so beautifully, I can’t help but be delighted by their achievement!  Wow.  Such a sweet plant, the quince. Not showy.  Slow growing.  A seeming humble pride in its almost downward facing flowers, which can be easy to miss if you’re not looking.

The second thing I noticed were the ecstatic bees!  They rushed out of the Hive with such speed that is seemed they were trying to race the drying of the wet leaves in the sun.  The amount of pollen coming back into the Hive was impressive!

I stumbled upon a secret collecting spot in the goat-loved hay spread on the garden for nutrients.  The honey bees visited this spot with some beneficial nutrients that they collected for the Hive all day.  There were only a few bees compared to the ones that were out collecting pollen and nectar, but they were consistently collecting for the day.

Checking out the hay

One bee on hay

While it was a necessary sun after the week of rain, it felt gentle.  While the celebratory feeling was high, it felt calm.  There was a knowing about the day.  As if we all knew we have plenty of time to enjoy this feeling and this season, so let’s not rush into the heart of it, but savor the softness of it.

There is much to be learned in the coming season.  Right now, it is to welcome change with a peaceful heart.

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