A Spiral of Love






A prayer is released out into the world for Love. As it spirals its way through the melting snows and into the warming soils, it carries the experience and memory of ancestors whose hands once crushed herbs with intent to heal. It carries with it peace on the scent of lavender and the purple color which royaly found so pleasing it claimed for its own, though now it returns to all. Buzzing excitement of ecstacy is found on lemon balm and the lightness of heart it creates. Pink roses carry a Universal Love and opening of the heart. Hot peppers bring a touch of fire and urgency to the change of paradigm as the lemon grass sways tall with attraction to help pollinate the new ideas. Mugwort carries the new Dreams into all beings, even those stuck in the past. An offering of cornmeal centers the heart of time and place to one of earth honoring. Bees themselves add the Vibration of Pure Love, especially the one that offered her body as the connection to the Hive. She Dances the Prayer of Love eternally, a Sacred Offering from the Bee, to enliven the spiral and guide the Love to where it needs to go.  Sealed  with wax and Love!



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