Beeing the Bear

Since honey is thought of as an awakener and as food for spiritual growth, how do we know how much is enough?  And how, if we are trying to have a light footprint and only take what we need and offer gratitude for all that we do receive as gifts everyday, do we know how much honey to rob from the bees?  As a beekeeper who has only “robbed” from beehives who did not make it through the winter, it is a tough question.  I do not take any honey from my bees, until I know they have enough to make it through the winter and even then, it is only in “theory” that I would take honey as I never can bring myself to take it from the bees.  But the ethical question remains because I do eat honey.  That means, that any honey I buy, I am passing the buck on to those beekeepers to be the honey robbers.  While I do look to buy local honey from beecentric beekeepers, do I know they respect the bees in the same ways would?  Do I know that they sing to their bees and bring them gifts and only enter the sacred body of the hive when necessary and plant flowers for them to help them through the dearths?

I don’t know the answers to these questions, or at least all of them.  But I do know that I think of honey as spiritual food and as an awakener. I give thanks to the bees and to my ability to buy honey to share in the beauty of their food and gift. But am I thanking them enough for all that they do for me?  Am I taking the right amount of honey to awaken me?  Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I am looking for the “just right” amount, not too much and not too little.  How do I know when I have that amount?  The answer to that lays in my heart and solar plexus…I just know.

I know if I am eating too much honey or not enough.  I know when I reach that balance and it feels just right.  I do give thanks and I continue to work with the bees to listen to their messages.  I am like the bear.  I crave the sweet, spiritual awakening that honey provides, but if I get too greedy, I will know it and if not, I trust the bees would tell me.  I know that if the time is right and bearif the bees have enough honey, I will be the bear and rob some honey.  I also know that if the time is not right or if the bees do not have enough honey, I will not take the honey.  I have to trust myself just as I show I trust the bees.  My own intuition needs to be caressed and appreciated just as much I do the same for the bees, so that it feels safe and listened to as well.  The more I encourage my intuition,  the more it can grow, like a tiny flower or a shy child, it blossoms when it is loved and appreciated.

I trust myself to know what is just right for me.  I trust myself to be the bear.

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