Consecration Ritual for the Honeybee

Consecration Ritual for the Honeybee

Mantra of the Bee Goddess

I began my ritual as I listened to the above mantra. I cleared the space, invited ancestors and spirit guides into the scared space and opened up to the Song of the Universe.

As it is the third day of spring, the spring flowers and colors felt inspirational and perfect to frame the altar space.  Objects placed on the altar and working space became a part of the ritual space or offerings for the consecration or dedication of land on my farm for honeybees.  There are two offering bowls; a smaller one for my already existing Eastern Shadow hive and a larger one for empty land that will optimistically hold at least one and up to three swarms I hope to bait or catch this year.


Today, is World Water Day, so I joined the Council of the 13 Grandmothers and wept for, apologized to, thanked and honored Water and the Spirit of water.  This part of the ritual was overseen by Oshun.  Some of this water was used in the offering for the bees.

The first two pictures are from a visit I made to Moctezuma’s Well, where the Council is praying over the water today…the stream leading from the well and a guardian tree at the rim of the well.  The last picture, is the water honoring space on my altar.


wpid-imag0637.jpgThe offerings:



I pulled the Sacred Purpose card from my Egyptian Deck  and the Dark Lady card from my Faery Deck at this point.  Very fortuitous for both cards…I believe bees connect on a deep level with my sacred purpose on my spiritual path and the Dark Lady is the overseer of ritual and was pleased.

The next step was to place the offerings outside; one for Eastern Shadow Hive and one on the land where I hope to have more hives.  Yes, it is spring, but there is snow on the ground in Massachusetts!



After saying my prayers and intentions for the dedication of this sacred space for the honoring of bees, I left the space to absorb the energy.


Of course, my goats Arthur and Merlin became very interested in the space as I left.  Once the hives are in place, the electric fence will be extended to surround the beehives and keep them free from curious goats!  You have to have a sense of humor in ritual or the Universe has a way of kicking your butt.  🙂

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