Connecting to a Hive

Bulgarian Song for Bees


As the coins sound 6 times,
and the moon shows her dark face;
connection flies between the hearts
of hive and I, no matter the time or space.

I will keep the coin near my heart
so you can hear my song and hum.
I will close my eyes and hear
your whispers,
The beat of the Goddess Drum.

I promise to do my part to help
all beings feel your love and light.
Sing your song and hum your hum,
to guide us through this dark night.

The spiral dance, I will dance
in your footprints on the earth.
You see the big and the small,
with love we all give birth.

I sing to you I sing with you
of divinity, light and love.
I share in your blessings and your joy
with the lightness of a heart of a dove.

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