Waggle Dance

The bees dance the Infinity Dance to communicate to each other. It is the dance that brings life and death. The oureboros, with no beginning and no end; or an infinite number of beginnings and an infinite number of endings.  The serpent, the bees, the dragon all dance this powerful dance of opposites. Solar, lunar.  Beginning, ending. Life, death. Dreaming, beeing.  The dragon is the dream of the bee. Beeing, brings dreams into existence.  Dreaming, brings beeing into existence.


There is a theory that bees base their waggle dance on the unseen parts of nature and can interact with the unseen in a way that is yet unknown to humans.  The theory implies that bees can interact with quarks without changing their form ( wave or particle).  The bees sensitivities to these unseen parts of the world make them amazing communicators and some of the tiniest shamans I know.

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