Sekhmet the Bee Goddess?

I am often reminded that when you think you know something, your mind is closed to other possibilities or even to the possibility that the very thing you know may have changed.  This is the same case for me last night when I asked my Egyptian cards to share with me knowledge of honeybees.  I went through my regular ritual of waking the cards up and breathing my intent into them and then shuffling with intention.  During the shuffle, Sekhmet, in her bold way, jumped out at me…didn’t even wait for me to finish shuffling and “choose” my cards.

Now, I “knew” that Neith is considered the Bee Goddess of Egypt and Sekhmet is a lioness goddess, though snakes are often associated with her.  I assumed that Sekhmet was jumping out at me since I have been working with her a lot recently and she was letting me know she did not appreciate my desire to work with another Neter.  I almost put her back in the deck to continue my shuffling, but I am so glad I listened to her.  I decided to do a google search with Sekhmet and bees together.  I was shocked and humbled to find that Sekhmet does indeed have a connection to bees.

“And… (Samson) turned aside to see the carcase of the lion: and, behold, there was a swarm of bees and honey in the carcass of the lion.” – Judges 14:8

Samson’s riddle to the people of Timnath is interpreted as a dual imagery for the lion-bee-milk-honey associations with Akhenaton. The bee is a symbolic insect in Egypt and it’s special manifestation is called bi-t meaning King. Since Amenhotep III (father of Akhenaton) oversaw an orgy of Sekhmet statuary creation during his reign, by reason of transference the theology of that era identified the lion with Sekhmet, the Lioness Goddess. Sehkmet was a favorite deity of the Memphit clans in Lower Egypt, including that of Amenhotep III. Therefore, by biblical inference, the bees came forth from the Lion (Sekhmet) and since Amenhotep III was so closely associated and aligned with Sekhmet, it could be argued that a number of bees (Royal Princes) had come forth from the Lion (Amenhotep III); and their names were Tuthmoses, Akhenaton.  (

Also, there are some Egyptologists who believe that the Sphix is much older than it is believed and it’s head has been changed.  Here is a recreation of what it may have looked like to match the stars in the sky (Leo) set near the Pyramids of Giza (Orion).


And notice how the head now is not in proportion with the paws…


Also,  there’s rumoured to be a “Hall of Records” beneath the Sphinx, and one of Sekhmet’s alternative names is Lady of the House of Books.  Now Sekhmet is rumored to have 4,000 names; 1,000 that only the Neters know; 1,000 the Neters and other higher beings know; 1,000 her high priests know; 500 lower priests know; 500 the people know.  She is also rumored to have one name that only she knows, which she can use to do anything, including destroy herself.

One of the main arguments, which I have not seen reference to yet, is that Sekhmet is often called the Eye of Ra.  Since honey bees are said to have come from the tears of Ra, it makes sense to say that bees came from the lion (the eye).


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