The Dream of the Bee

Old story…

“A friend and I lay on a mossy bank on a hot day. Overcome by the heat my friend fell asleep. As I watched drowsily, I saw a bee issue from the mouth of my sleeping friend, jump down to the ground and crossed along withered grass stubs over a brook cascading over stones, and enter through an interstice into an old ruined building. Alarmed by what I saw, I hastily shook my comrade, who awakened a second or two after the bee, hurrying back had re-entered her mouth.  My friend, the sleeper, protested at my waking her saying that she had dreamt that she had walked through a fine country and had come to the banks of a noble river, and just where the clear water went thundering down a precipice, there was a bridge all silver which she crossed and entered, a noble palace on the other side. She was about to help herself to gold and jewels when I woke her and robbed her of this fate.”


If the bee is the soul of one departed, could bees be the noble breeds of dragons?  Dragons had a hive mind in terms of communication and perhaps there was more to the hive mind of dragons than we have learned from the legends.  It would make sense as both bees and dragons are known to have “fire,” although it is in different forms.  Both organisms “worship” the sun in their own ways.  Both bees and dragons will protect their treasure, but can also be very generous if you earn their trust.

I have a lot to learn about and from both bees and dragons.

Dragons of wisdom, Dragons of might,
Dragons of power, Dragons of light.
Awaken from the Dream of the Bee
And deepen your friendship with me.


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