Feeling the Invisible for Understanding of Connection

Spring in New England, and many other places, is full of ups and downs, like a roller coaster trying to pack all of the drops, climbs, turns, and flips in the first 10 seconds of the ride.  The flush of excitement and let down, feels much like a fever.  Even the rivers show signs of fever, with rushes of snow melts and retractions.  It is an easy time to get swept off your feet if you aren’t grounded.

One of my all time highs of the season, is seeing the first green plant, pushing through the boundary of its known world into what is beyond, full of trust, confidence and strength.  Wow.  I literally cannot help but do a dance when I see the first plant coming up. It is nothing planned, yet I find myself jumping up and down with encouragement and shouts of joy each year.  If I am honest, this “first dance” is performed for more than just the first plant of the season, but every plant that I see right at the moment of its “big breakthrough.”  What is that inner barometer actually measuring?  Is it life?  Is it seeing some being push through hardship and making it beyond?  Is it an inner knowing that my health is linked to the health of everything that is around me?  Is it recognizing the “other” is actually a part of me?


I recently saw a video of a little girl, Rayna, who meets a “robot,” that is actually a water heater.  What is she responding to in this interaction?

Is it that she recognizes another being because she is focusing on what she believes is the eyes?  Is it a connection to earth materials, probably the elements of zinc or iron and copper before she has been taught what is alive and what is non-living according to the latest science of humans?  Is it an inner knowing that “other” is a part of herself?  Is it child naivety?


I don’t know the answers.  I only know my own inner responses and as I listen more closely, they resemble Rayna’s responses more and more.  It is this listening to the invisible that helps me to most understand my connection.




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